Event ISACA May 29 AGM + Mergers & Acquisitions applied to ICT

ISACA Lu AGM 2019 – InfoSec in Mergers & Acquisitions

Animated by Dr. Marco ERMINI

May 29, 17:30 through 22:00
No-Shows will be billed 25,00€


Patisserie de Namur
2, rue de Bitbourg, L-1273, Hamm

Dear Members, All,
requests your company to its Annual General Meetingto review our Accounts for 2018 as well as renew our Board, and other key events of the past year. The AGM will be followed by a Conference and closed with a Networking Cocktail.

This year’s Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Marco ERMINI, Orange Business Germany who’ll discus:

Mergers & Acquisitions – Forgotten Son of Information Security

Subject Description
: There are no ISO or other standards and, few publications or dedicated books on Managing Merger & Acquisition regading Information Security.

Generally, M&A Due Diligence teams have little care for a target company’s ICT security and compliance program.

After the session, we will be able to consider:

  •    Define Information Security risks & threats in Mergers & Acquisition operations
  •    Depict a strategy for integration which helps avoiding precarious IT migrations, proliferation of unsanctioned tools, a regulatory mess and huge impact of legacy infrastructure
  •    Scoping the threat actors and their interests
  •    Identify why it is important that InfoSec be involved in the early phases of a Due Diligence process, and how it can affect the operation itself including the monetary transactions
  •    Recognize how Cloud affects InfoSec M&A and how it can help mitigate risks
  •    Use scanning and OPSEC tools without violating laws and NDAs
  •    Understand the role of the Security Manager in the whole process

Biography: Dr. Marco Ermini, Orange Business Germany

  •    Is a Senior security expert, system & network security architect, as well as a team leader.
  •    Holds degrees in Philosophy, Mathematics and Computer Science
  •    Has +20 years working experience in ICT,
  •    Responsibility for security of worldwide networks and world-class critical systems in large enterprises;
  •    Major projects with public, banking, industrial and telecommunication firms;
  •    Standards such as ISO 27001/COBIT/SoX; mobile networks and applications;
  •    Cloud security; risk assessments.

Date & Time: May 29th, From 17:30 through 22:00

  •    Registration:                       17:30
  •    AGM:                                   18:00
  •    Conference:  18:30 through 20:00
  •    Networking Cocktail ends   22:00

Location: Patisserie de Namur, Rue de Bitbourg 2, L-1273, Hamm

Continuous Professional Education
: 3 CPEs

No shows will be billed 25.00 €