6th Annual General Meeting

The APDL Annual General Meeting  took place on Wednesday, October 7 in the premises of DSM.

Following the candidacies submitted prior to the General Assembly meeting, fourteen members were elected to replace members of the board of directors at the end of their term of office or who have resigned, in the persons of:

  1. Nathalie SPRAUER
  2. Michael HOFMANN
  3. Renaud LE SQUEREN
  4. Henri DAMIANI
  5. Arnaud CONSTANT
  6. Azédine LAMAMRA
  7. Romain SABEL
  8. Toni RISTAGNO
  9. Mickaël TOME
  10. Georges WANTZ
  11. Laurent CROZIER
  12. Matthieu GATINEAU
  13. Hasan KILICASLAN
  14. Géraldine FRIANT

The AGM was followed by a conference given by Mr Habran of the CNPD on the impact of the Schrems II judgment.

From left to right: Christophe Buschmann (CNPD), Nathalie Sprauer (Présidente), Henri Damiani (Secrétaire), Renaud Le Squeren (Vice Président), Arnaud Habran (CNPD)