Survey LëtzBlock

LëtzBlock, the Luxembourg Blockchain & DLT Association, is currently drafting a paper on “smart contracts” legal framework in Luxembourg and has recently launched a survey to invite interested stakeholders to share their views on this topic(with a focus on legal and regulatory matters).

As a preliminary remark, the starting point for our survey was the lack of a common understanding among developers of smart contracts and the legal profession over the meaning of the term “smart contracts” and the legal uncertainties deriving from this lack of consensus.

LëtzBlock is therefore proposing a definition that has the potential to satisfy the requirements of both lawyers and blockchain and smart contracts’ developers and is seeking wider public consultation on the definition which is given below:

A smart contract is a computerised transaction protocol between two or more parties. It may be self-executing.  It can qualify as a contract within the meaning of Luxembourg Civil Code if the relevant criteria of articles 1101 and 1108 mainly are met.


LëtzBlock is very interested in exploring how compliance with data protection requirements can be achieved in this area.

APDL is happy to support this initiate and invites his members to participate in the survey.


How can you share your views?

You can respond to the LëtzBlock survey available via the following link

 by 15 November 2020.


Feel free to quickly jump to page 12 if you wish to focus on data protection or/and don’t have too much time to spend on completing this survey


If you prefer to provide feedback orally, a conference call may be organised by sending an email at

 Apply to become an active member of our Smart Contract working group by contacting LëtzBlock at


Please note that you do not need to provide personal data and responses will be anonymised if needed and grouped.

Your answers will help LëtzBlock to finalise the above-mentioned white paper, supported by current market views on the Luxembourg legal and regulatory framework applicable to Smart Contracts and the new opportunities that they may bring to Luxembourg.

In due course, LëtzBlock will organise an event dedicated to the presentation of survey results and of the final white paper. Details will be shared with you via LëtzBlock social media or via the APDL website.


DPO of the Year 2020: registrations are open

Registration for the DPO of the Year election during the Cybersecurity week is now open.

For more information, click  here

European Security Forum

We are happy to support the European IT security and data protection gathering, European Security Forum, held on September 15th and 16th*, 2020 online.
To comply with the health restrictions and stop the spread of the virus, the event – from conferences to networking sessions – will be available via video from all around the world.
Hosted in the global tech conference, ICT Spring Europe, this event will explore IT security challenges, concerns related to cybercrime, cybersecurity business cases… and will invite great international experts to share views on numerous information security strategic and operational topics.
Information and programme:
How to participate: Registration remains mandatory and it allows you to get your 2-day ticket to participate virtually in the event. You will be able to follow the sessions thanks to a live streaming solution. However, as partner of European Security Forum, APDL is pleased to provide you with the following discount code  APDL20 which will give you free access for the 2-day event.
Confirmed speakers:
François Thill – Director cyber security, Ministry of the Economy, Luxembourg
Cédric Mauny – Cybersecurity lead, Telindus
Dr. Gabriele Lenzini – Senior research scientist in Security of Socio-Technical System, SnT
Jamie Shea – Professor of Strategy and Security at University of Exeter & Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges at NATO
Diana Kelley – Cybersecurity CTO, Microsoft

Stéphane Duguin – CEO, CyberPeace Institute

Craig Jones – Cybercrime Director, INTERPOL

Luigi Rebuffi – Secretary General and founder, ECSO

– Victor-Emmanuel de SA, Chief Pragmatic Strategy Officer

Charles Guillemet – Chief Technology Officer, Ledger

Constance Bommelaer de Leusse– Area Vice President, Institutional Relations, Internet Society

European Security Forum, as well as ICT Spring Europe and its other side events (discover more here >, present an array of fantastic business opportunities. We hope to meet you online!
If you have any questions regarding the programme, do not hesitate to contact the organizer via email
*The European Security Forum conferences will be held on September 15th on live streaming, the virtual exhibition will be held on September 15th and 16th.


On behalf of ISACA I would like to inform you of the next ISACA event, which will take place on September 9, 2020.

“Isaca “SheLeadsTech” program is looking to increase the awareness and inclusion of women in the IT area.

Isaca Luxembourg is encouraging this initiative and organises an afterwork online conference on 9 september starting with 18:00.

Participants of the conference are:
– Jelena Matone, CISO of the year 2019 Luxembourg and
– Andrea Zengo,  Global CISO of a worldwide company and founding member of WITSEC.

A round table discussion will follow covering topics like women representation in the technology profession and challenges during COVID-19.

For more details and for registration, please check the website.


Happy New Year 2020

Cher Membre,

 L’ensemble du conseil d’administration vous présente en cette année 2020 ses meilleurs vœux de bonheur et de réussite.

Nous vous invitons, pour commencer cette nouvelle année, à nous rejoindre le 28 janvier pour célébrer la journée de la protection des données.

Vous trouverez toutes les informations concernant cet évènement sur

Nous espérons vous voir nombreux aux conférences et sur notre stand.


Le conseil d’administration.


Conférence d’actualité – 10% de réduction pour les membres de l’APDL

Bouton «LIKE» et RGPD :
la CJUE clarifie

Vendredi 20 septembre 2019 – ECCL Restaurant La Table du Belvédère

Après l’arrêt de la CJUE du 27 juillet dernier concernant les boutons LIKE sur les sites web, il est nécessaire de faire le point sur les responsabilités des gestionnaires de site internet utilisant les réseaux sociaux comme vitrine commerciale. En effet, Les créateurs et les
gestionnaires de sites internet se trouvent maintenant qualifiés par la Cour de Justice de
l’Union Européenne de responsables conjoints avec FACEBOOK au sens du RGPD pour certains traitements. Quelles sont les conditions posées par la CJUE, quelles sont les obligations en terme de conformité qui en découlent, et comment les opérateurs peuvent-ils se protéger ?

Les membres APDL bénéficient de 10% de réduction sur les frais d’inscription (non-cumulable avec toute autre offre) valable pour toute inscription jusqu’au 11/09/2019. Pour en bénéficier, il suffit de s’inscrire via notre formulaire en ligne  et d’indiquer le code « APDL-10-200919 »

Cet événement est sous la seule responsabilité de l’organisateur, l’APDL n’a pas pris connaissance de son contenu et l’annonce à titre informatif uniquement


Formation – Audit d’un projet GDPR – 10% de réduction pour les membres de l’APDL

CREOBIS organisera à Luxembourg le 8 octobre prochain une journée de formation consacrée à l’audit d’un projet GDPR.
Vous trouverez ci-joint le lien vers la page web de la formation :

Les membres APDL bénéficient de 10% de réduction sur les frais d’inscription avec le code : T034_APDL

Cet événement est sous la seule responsabilité de l’organisateur, l’APDL n’a pas pris connaissance de son contenu et l’annonce à titre informatif uniquement

DPO of the year 2019
For the first time the DPO of the Year Award Luxembourg will honor the candidate who ensured that organization data protection practices keep up with regulatory and technological changes.
APDL is sitting in the jury